Hermana Tycksen was called to the TEXAS LUBBOCK MISSION, spanish speaking. She began her mission on April 22, 2015. She is currently serving in Carlsbad, NM.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Press Forward Saints!!!!! email dated 5/19/2015

Hello Family!!!

That hymn has been my favorite this week--it's always stuck in my head :) This week flew by! It honestly feels like it was Tuesday YESTERDAY. WHAT is this???? My Spanish is coming along really well--we have solo Español days almost every day now! I'm learning so much :)
We still have three investigators, but we are also starting this thing where each one of us is an investigator and we teach each other! It's pretty fun, although when they first introduced it, I started to feel the stress and anxiety come back (that I haven't felt for like 2 weeks) BUT later that night I talked with one of the hermanas in my branch and I also got a priesthood blessing from the elders in my branch and both things helped me soooooo much. I realized that all I need to do is shift my perspective--this new thing isn't a stress, it's a challenge, a FUN challenge, and also an opportunity to grow!
Something that I've learned this week is the importance of the Book of Mormon. I've realized that I need, I need to read it every day, or else nothing really feels right. 
One other thing, on Saturday, Elder David A. Bednar was here!! I don't know if I told you beforehand, but he gave a devotional Saturday night and I was in the front row and he called on me!!! ( It was kind of a  Q & A type thing) It was amazing to be that close to an apostle of the Lord. 
Wow! Family! You are amazing!! I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY EVERRRR!!!!! I am amazed every week at your accomplishments and I am so, so proud of all of you. I wish I could give you all just a big hug right now!! (and you know how I am about hugs ;) )
Something funny this week is that I'm starting to replace English words with Spanish words--automatically. Like, this morning I was saying a prayer in English and I went to say ''please'' and ''por favor'' came out! I'm completely immersed and becoming one of the locals! ;) haha just kidding.
Our district is so amazing. We have really become like a family. I have become so close to the other hermanas and it makes me devastated to think of leaving each other in two weeks! :'( The other district in our branch is amazing too, I love each one of them too! This whole experience has been amazing! And I still have 17 months to go!
When I was reading this morning, I was in Moses 1 and in verses 3, 4, & 6, it really hit me.
Those verses talk about God and how he is everlasting and his power has no end, but in verse 4 he says ''Moses, thou are my son'' or something like that, and I just replace it with my name so instead I read ''Kristina, thou are my daughter'' and it is sooo much more impactful. In verse 6, it says ''I have a work for thee to do'' and it made me think--What am I doing?? I have a work to do!! Why am I not studying this doctrine 24/7?? It was a really cool experience for me.
Okay, funny story time-- Hermana Russell is absolutely hilarious. She gets words mixed up sometimes in Spanish and so our teachers think it's hilarious, and we're all not sure what's going on,, but that something just happened :) Today she called Elder Bednar, ''Bernard'' because she couldn't remember his name!! XD we were laughing so hard!!
Thank you so much everyone for your emails! I really really love em!! They make my day!

Hermana Tycksen
Notice the statue in the background
Elders in their branch
Sisters in their branch

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