Hermana Tycksen was called to the TEXAS LUBBOCK MISSION, spanish speaking. She began her mission on April 22, 2015. She is currently serving in Carlsbad, NM.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Spirit of God like a fire is Burning!!! Email dated 5/26/15

Hello dear family!!

This week has gone by so fast! I can't believe that I'm leaving the CCM next week! Ahh! So soon! This week has been so hard, amazing, short, and long all at the same time. 
I started reading Jesus the Christ this week and I absolutely love it! I have been craving a way to get to know my Savior better, because it has hit me this week--I need to know Him better, I have a deep yearning for it! It's absolutely amazing. I have never felt closer to my Savior than I do right now. 
On Saturday I had the opportunity to practice teaching with Hna. Anway to a sister who was struggling with an addiction to pornography (it was all role-playing). So, we prayed beforehand, and planned out a couple scriptures to share, like Isaiah 1:18 ( I think? It was about sins becoming white as snow) and the story of the lost sheep in Matthew. I bought a book with gospel pictures in it at the tienda the day before and so I had a picture of the Savior holding the lamb in his arms ready to show her. When we started, we talked a little bit about why we were there and what she expected from us. As we were about to start with a prayer, Hna. Anway asked what her name was--she said Kristina. I was shocked for a second, but after the prayer, I had a super strong impressions to ask her this:
Me: Hermana, do you know what your name means?
Inv: Mm, no.
Me: It means "follower of Christ"
At this point, I was tearing up and so was she, and in that moment I felt the spirit like I have never felt it before--Like my soul was on fire. It was incredible and the lesson from that point on was, hands down, the best lesson that I have ever taught--and Hna Anway said the same :) 
Later that day, I was having a hard time--probably because it was so amazing in the morning! I was praying for my angels to come and take the feelings of sadness and anxiety from me and I saw and felt, clearly, multiple angels surrounding me, but three specific angels were right next to me. Then I felt someone else--It was Grandma Tycksen. She was the one holding me up, and she had an arm around my shoulders, supporting me. It was an incredible feeling.
I read in Nehemiah 8:10 that says something along the lines of "In the joy of the Lord is your strength". It was something that described exactly how I felt in that moment, how I felt when I decided to serve a mission, and how we feel when an investigator says yes to baptism! Happy feelings!!
After this, on Sunday, pretty much everything was on faith--r.s, sacrament, and sunday school. and something that stood out to me was that Faith is a Sign of Trust unto the Lord--and also that "We don't need to see the whole staircase--Just take the first step." This has helped me so much this week--I can really feel my faith, small as it is, increasing.
Well, I'm out of time! I love you all and I hope you're all doing well!
The next time I write, I'll be in Texas!!
Love, Hermana Tycksen

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