Hermana Tycksen was called to the TEXAS LUBBOCK MISSION, spanish speaking. She began her mission on April 22, 2015. She is currently serving in Carlsbad, NM.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hola Mia Familia!!!


Mi querida familia,
Hola! Voy a hablar a vosotros en espanol! Esta bien? Me entendeis? No? Okay. Haha, I can't write in spanish anyways because my keyboard is in english! 
So, so sorry, but I don't have very much time today :( I was writing an email, and it was going well, but then somehow it got deleted! I'll write a hard copy letter and send it though. I'm doing well, pushing through the holiday break! Campus is pretty dead this time of year. I love you all so much! One thing I want to share is the Christmas initiative video that came out this year. It's titled "A Savior is Born" and it is incredible! It gives me chills every time I watch it and it really brings the spirit. I love my Savior! I love this gospel! I love being a missionary! I love y'all and I miss you terribly. Keep those good-lookin chins up! There are brighter days ahead :)
Love y'all
Sister Tycksen

Letter in the mail:

Hola Mia familia

      I am so sorry that you got such a short email from me.  I feel terrible.  I don't know what happened--one minute I'm typing along., then I clicked on something else and POOF! My email was gone! So, this week is old fashioned.
      This weekend was the Lubbock Stake's annual community nativity exhibit. There were hundreds of nativities from all over the world. (Contributed by members in lubbock and the surrounding areas). It was breathtaking!  There is such a sweet spirit there. We were able to "host" a few times, which was basically just to stand there and answer questions and make sure nobody touched the nativities. There was a little girl that was just walking around and looking at the nativities and so I went up to her and said "Hey can I show you something?"  She smiled and her eyes got big as she said "yeah". So I led her over to some nativities that were snowmen and Indians and cats and she loved them!  That made me so happy to see joy on her face. I really miss working with kids. That's one thing that YSA doesn't have.
     So, we had an investigator drop us this week. :( we were really sad and honestly I was heartbroken because I don't understand how people can just walk away from the gospel!  It's so good and it can help them so much. CHRIST can help them so much, if they would just let Him!
     The atonement is as if, okay let me starts over. Imagine that all you want is to build a perfect house. It's perfectly suited to you, and you know that you need to build a house because you need somewhere to live, right?  Okay, so you're going along, trying to build this house --but not really succeeding--and one day, the Savior comes to you and He says "Guess what? I built your house.  It's finished, it's done, it's ready for you to move in. ". What would you say?  Would you say thank you? Would you accept it?  When we accept the Atonement, we accept the house He has built for us, and we live in the house JOYFULLY -- making it our own, adding little things that are ours, developing our talents. Not accepting the Atonement is as if we accept the house, but we nitpick and look over every inch of the place to find flaws or little things we can change or fix. That's not how it works. Christ has already provided EVERYTHING for us.  He suffered so that we could choose not to suffer.
     Okay, so even though our investigator dropped us, we were super blessed this week with two more investigators. One of them is Nina! (Whose name is actually Ana....oops :)). She requested missionaries to visit her, so the Spanish elders went over here-- we were so excited to see hem there!  But, turns out that she wants US. :D. We are so excited!  I am so excited!  I was practically jumping up and down when the elders told us. :). We haven't been able to visit her yet, but we will soon!  More updates to come.
     Our other investigator is awesome!  She was a referral from other sisters in Lubbock and we had set up our appointment with her, but then she asked us if we had Bible studies. We told her about institute, and that it had just ended,  but it was going to start up again next semester (this was all over text). She was super excited !  With that response, we invited her to church yesterday and ..... SHE CAME!!  She stayed for the three hours, and for break the fast afterwards. She really liked our ward and she's excited to meet with us this week. :)
     One more thing,  I LOVE YA'LL!!
Have a fabulous week! You're in my prayers!

Sister Tycksen

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