Hermana Tycksen was called to the TEXAS LUBBOCK MISSION, spanish speaking. She began her mission on April 22, 2015. She is currently serving in Carlsbad, NM.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Preach Repentance and Baptize Converts

Hello my dear family!

     This week was a tough one, with more downs than ups. But the ups were really good! We taught our new investigators, Silvia and Liset, (who speak Spanish!) and they are super cool! We talked about prophets and how they guide and lead the people and Liset asked "Is there a prophet today?" :D We answered "Yes!" and she was blown away. It was so cool to see. The Spanish is slowly getting better--so slow that I don't think I can even see my progress ;)

     The members here are so awesome. Yesterday we stopped by a member's house just for a bit and then they asked if we had dinner plans--we didn't-- and so they invited us to stay for dinner! Hotdogs and french fries :) Yum. :) Brother Stewart told us about his mission too. He served in New Jersey during 9/11! He saw the second tower fall--he was pretty far away, but he saw it disappear from the New York skyline. 

     One thing that happened this week was that I got a blessing from a member and in it he mentioned that my Heavenly Father misses me. And that made me think... All of us here on earth are here serving "missions" of a sort. We're not from here and we won't stay here--we're only here for a short time. Heavenly Father can see us and He knows what's going on in our lives right now, but He can't physically comfort us or give us a hug or anything like that. So, I think that Heavenly Father feels a lot like most mission parents do: He knows that this is a good experience for us and that we're learning a lot, but He can't wait until He can have us with Him in person again. I'm excited for that day too :)

        Carlsbad is an interesting place. Today when we were out running errands, there was this woman who asked if we smoked ( I think she wanted a cigarrette). We said "no, sorry" and she said "That's okay, that's good!" and then she walked away, and then she turned around and came back and asked us to pray for her. She  recently moved here from Michigan and is looking for a church to go to. We were able to get her address and her phone number, so we'll get her baptized! ;)

          We have zone training tomorrow, and then exchanges with the sister training leaders right after--in Roswell! I am so excited to see the people there. 

Hope y'all have a fantabulous week!

Love, Sister Tycksen

This is a business in town :) same name!
One of our investigators gave us lightbulbs because we found him a large print Book of Mormon XD so funny!

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