Hermana Tycksen was called to the TEXAS LUBBOCK MISSION, spanish speaking. She began her mission on April 22, 2015. She is currently serving in Carlsbad, NM.

Monday, August 24, 2015

We believe in being chased by an elephant...

Hello my wonderful family!!

     Wow, so I've made it through training!! It's really weird, I'm not a greenie or trainee or anything anymore! I passed my 4-month mark on Saturday--that was strange. I've been reevaluating myself like I do at the end of every transfer, and I realized that I am not Kristina or Tina or TT anymore. She seems like a different person that I used to know a long time ago. I am Sister Tycksen, and she is so much different from who I was before. Missions are the refiner's fire, and I can already tell that I have been shaped into something unrecognizable from before my mission. But, there is so much more to come!! I am really excited that I still have 14 months! :O It's kind of scary to think of it that way, but I just try to think of it as a timeout from the world to learn and prepare to fight the Lord's battles! ;)

      Okay, so we've been teaching this awesome family for the past couple weeks. The mom was a referral from a member in our ward, and it was totally random and unexpected--we weren't sure if she was going to let us in or even open the door. But, she did, and we met with her, and she's now a progressing investigator!!! Her name is Yesena and she has 4 little kids: Diego (7) Lindsay (4) Mateo (1.5) and Sofia (1 month). She has so many questions and she is so eager to learn! Her husband and her son, Diego, are super interested, but we haven't been able to meet with her husband because he's at work whenever she can meet with us. In our last lesson, we invited her to come to church with us. She really wanted to, but she helps her mom on Sundays with a food stall at the flea market. BUT, Diego and Lindsay really wanted to come, and so THEY DID!!! They sat with us in Sacrament meeting and then Lindsay was really nervous to stay in Primary by herself, so she came with us to Relief Society and everything. Diego loved it though!! There are some people that I've met that I can just SEE them as a member of the church, and y'all, this family is special. :D

      Oh yeah, I forgot to tell y'all, I'm staying in Roswell! I don't know why yet, and I was a little frustrated at first, but I was able to get a blessing from our ward mission leader last night and it gave me a lot of peace of mind. Sister Villondo is going to Lubbock, but Sister Affleck is staying here with me, and we're getting Sister Turner from Brownfield! I think I told y'all a  little about my time in Brownfield a few weeks ago? Sister Turner is awesome, super chipper and a real go-getter. We're excited :) I'm sad to see Sister Villondo go, she's the longest companion I've had so far, but I know that there's someone that needs her, and they're in Lubbock.

       Okay, explanation of the subject line ;) Yesterday we had dinner with a family called the Alders. They are so great! They're an older couple, all of their children but one are married and have families, and Brother Alder is a hoot! He is so quiet, but he's absolutely hilarious. A GOOD HUMAN BEING. After dinner, we had a little scripture study, and they were telling us things that they would do with their kids when they were little. On Sundays, after dinner and scriptures, they would go on a walk and they would take turns reciting the Articles of Faith. So, we were all trying to remember all of them, and Brother Alder says, "What about 'we believe in being chased by an elephant'?" We were a little confused, until he started saying, "We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent..." Do you see where this is going? ;) We all had a good laugh. And their daughter Shaunna is awesome--we're going to bake cookies with her next week!
Well, this is getting a little long ;) So I'll sign off for now :)

Hermana Tycksen XD
Hermana Tycksen making Mexican Food
Trying Masks at Hobby Lobby

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